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Vacation Time

Hey, guys! Just wanted to drop a quick post and let you know that you may not be hearing too much from me for the next week and a half, aside from a few pre-scheduled posts. I am super, super excited because I am going on vacation! I’ll be in Los Angeles for Memorial Day weekend, coming back home for a few days, and then heading to a beach resort in the Caribbean the following week. It’s totally excessive to do two back-to-back trips but trust me, it’s a MUCH needed double vacation. What a great way to start Summer 2012.

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, and please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for what to do/see/eat/drink in LA!

Bonus: Pictured above is my new favorite drink. All you need to do is muddle a few berries (I used blackberries) with a few mint leaves in seltzer, squeeze some lemon or lime juice in there, and throw in a couple of ice cubes. A light, refreshing drink that requires barely any effort! Spiking it with vodka is highly recommended.



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