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My Apartment Garden: Flowers Everywhere

So I’m still eating zucchinis from my first plant. I know it’s really late in the season, but I just planted a second one as I feel like I’m getting less and less zucchinis. I don’t know if it will grow in time but I’m trying my luck. Kicking myself for not planting #2 sooner. And look at this gorgeous squash blossom!

I started harvesting the squash blossoms. Here’s a lovely soup I made with them, using Kitchen Konfidence’s Crema de Flor de Calabaza recipe. I like how it has pretty yellow and green speckles!

Also, signs of life on my Topsy Turvy tomato plant! Flowers have bloomed. Now about some tomatoes. Please?


3 thoughts on “My Apartment Garden: Flowers Everywhere

  1. My balcony tomato had taken off well early on, but it dropped blossoms when I was out of town and was in the care of another…it’s just now beginning to really flower well again. Glad mine isn’t the only late bloomer. Hoping to get some off of it before it gets cool!

    • I actually wrote this post over a week ago, and have started seeing little green tomatoes since! I’m sure you’ll be seeing some soon too :)

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