Watch Harvard’s “Cooking and Science” Lectures Online

It’s funny to think how much science goes on in the kitchen. I’ve just started watching Harvard’s popular Cooking and Science lecture series, which I read about on The Kitchn. If you enjoy lectures and want to get your geek on too, you can watch the Cooking and Science videos by downloading them for free on iTunes, or streaming them at Harvard’s YouTube channel by entering “Science and Cooking” in the search bar.


2 thoughts on “Watch Harvard’s “Cooking and Science” Lectures Online

  1. I can’t believe it’s a real physics class for credit – why didn’t I have classes like this when I was doing my undergrad in science? Where else can you eat what you make in the lab? Not surprisingly, there’s a massive waiting list to get in to the course. They’re fun to watch, aren’t they? I went the first year they started – Jose Andreas was fantastic to see in person, but David Chang was a little too restrained for my liking (i.e. no swearing). Since Harvard’s down the street from my house, I’m planning to check some of them out this fall. Also, there was an article in the NY Times recently about a Harvard microbiologist who’s become the go-to scientist for chefs – all because she started to study what bacteria live in cheese rinds. Love it!

    • That’s awesome that you attended the lectures! Yea, would have been cool to attend a course like this in college, but then again, I wonder if the for-credit course has a lot more science homework. In which case I would fail!

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