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Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let y’all know I am having an awesome two weeks. I ran my first 10K race, I finally got onto Tastespotting, one of my BFFs just got engaged, and I’m leaving for Europe today for my childhood best friend’s wedding. Life is treating me well :)

While I’m away, I’ve lined up two Eating Clean in the Dirty City posts for you, including our very first guest post! Now that the blog is over 6 months old, I’ve started investing time into some site improvements. For now, I’ve updated the About page with my background story, as well as adding a Recipes page. As you may have noticed, I’ve also tried stepping up my photography and content game. More improvements coming soon. For starters, I know the blog┬ádesperately┬áneeds a better look, logo, and banner. I’d love your feedback or thoughts if you have any!

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2 thoughts on “News!

  1. Iris, your new About page is great – it’s nice to have some background information. Which picture(s) was accepted to Tastespotting? Well done – they are extremely picky! And well done on your 10 km race. Enjoy your trip.

    • Iris says:

      Thank you, the trip was awesome! The fish taco photo got into Tastespotting. Still can’t get a single photo approved by Foodgawker though, grrr.

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