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I Got My Ebelskivers On

Chocolate Æbleskivers Danish Pancakes

My dear friend Vicky got me an Ebelskiver pan for my birthday. I hadn’t heard of ebelskivers, but they kind of looked like the poffertjes I had in the Netherlands. (Yes, another crazy foreign word all up in this post.)  I have since learned that ebelskivers are small spherical pancakes pancakes, typically eaten with jam and a dusting of powdered sugar. At first I felt bad that it took me six whole months to get around to using my birthday present, but Wikipedia says they’re common before Christmas, so what do you know! Perfect timing.

Vicky had also gotten me pre-made chocolate ebelskiver mix. All I had to do was add a few fresh ingredients and cook them up in the pan. I used SQIRL’s Wild Blueberry and Tarragon Jam as a filling for some, and chocolate chips for the rest. This jam is the shit, by the way.

They turned out pretty good, and I liked that they weren’t too sweet. I think I’m going to make it completely from scratch next time, because I’m a control freak like that. Here’s some recipes I found, if you have a similar pan and want to get your ebelskiver on!

ebelskivers Danish pancakes chocolate


3 thoughts on “I Got My Ebelskivers On

  1. You have a special place in my heart Iris, having lived in the Netherlands for 4 years. And though I’ve been to Denmark, I didn’t try Ebelskivers then! I love all the flavour combinations you shared and the thought of that tarragon jam….sigh.

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