Lunch and Dinner

Las Vegas and Canned Salmon


I went to Las Vegas this past weekend for a Bachelorette Party Trip. I had never been before, and what better way to go than with a really great group of girls and to celebrate one of my best friend’s last days of being a single lady? Although our time in Vegas was waaaaaay tamer than most people’s, I had a blast.

I bought this dress in Vegas to blend in with all the glitter and rhinestones. I clearly didn’t get the gaudy memo. I look deceivingly happy in this photo–in reality we were at Tao and were all cranky about how much we were paying for such shitty food.

We got back to NYC Monday night after midnight, and with mild jet lag and only 5 hours of sleep, I dragged myself to work the next day. It was not pretty. I do not function well without a good night’s sleep. I hid from all my coworkers to avoid conversation and ate anything with sugar in sight to keep me from falling asleep.

crispy salmon bites

Cooking is the last thing I feel like doing when I’m exhausted and disorganized after vacation, even if some real food would do my body so much good. This is where Gina’s Crispy Salmon Bites come in. I rarely eat canned fish, and if I do, they’re sardines because I can’t get fresh sardines nearby. But in my current frazzled state of mind, these little babies are perfect. They are tasty, they’re quick to make, the ingredients are super easy to gather, and they taste worse for you than they actually are, which is great because I am NOT craving a salad right now. Check out the recipe forĀ Crispy Salmon Bites at Running to the Kitchen, and bookmark it for a lazy day.


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas and Canned Salmon

  1. The dress is perfect for Vegas. You’re inspiring to consider buying a sequinned top somewhat like it. But this is about Salmon bites (which look deliciously crisp!) and not about fashion. Thanks for sharing lazy day tips.

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