Eating Out in the Dirty City

My Blog’s One Year Anniversary!

ice cream

Yesterday was Eating Clean in the Dirty City’s first birthday, yay! It’s been one year since my inaugural post about rediscovering Brussels sprouts. You know, I really thought I would have figured out my niche after a year and run this website like a well-oiled machine, but nope! Everything still feels disorganized and haphazard, even with my readership growing. Oh well. I can’t control and perfect everything in life, right?

I’ve definitely come a long way since last year–my photography is much better (hello, natural light), I’ve developed more cooking skills and instincts, I’ve been more creative in the kitchen, and I’ve even dared to write my own recipes. I’ve also expanded my knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Even though I see my eating habits as a work-in-progress and still haven’t learned how to moderate my sugar intake (working on it, promise!), I actually did cut way back on alcohol. Without any real intention, it kind of happened organically ever since I pondered when I would learn to just have one or two drinks. In fact, having “one too many” now sounds difficult for me to do!

Even if I’m not going to box myself in with a niche or a shtick for this blog, the one year mark has gotten me thinking about how I’m going to move forward. I’m going to put more time and effort into fixing all the little things that bother me, like the design. I also want to take a stab at creating some video content and learning how to better market my blog so i can reach more people. But the most important thing for me to focus on is getting back to the core message of Eating Clean in the Dirty City. I may post a lot of desserts and recipes that include bacon, so maybe my mission to help people eat delicious and nutritious food has been lost. That is about to change. I’m going to talk a lot more about clean eating and how you can eat your way to health, without depriving yourself of treats like dessert and bacon!

I want to take this chance to thank my readers for being so supportive. You made this a great year. I look forward to an even better year of eating clean with you guys <3

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