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Links and Life: May 2013


May has been a lovely month. Sure, the weather has been insane giving us a hot summer day one week and then freezing winter rain the following week, but I’ve been embracing it all as this is my last month in New York City. I wrapped up my last week at work, went to New Orleans and Pennsylvania, and then took my first real staycation. Time slips by ever so quickly, but I’ve tried my best to slow down, take it as it comes, do creative work, cook nourishing food, and enjoy my last days with this city and all the people in it that I love. But it’s not goodbye, New York. It’s see-you-later.

May Links


4 thoughts on “Links and Life: May 2013

  1. Frances says:

    The sweaters look awesome, haha. Would you actually wear it?

    Also, you’ve probably already heard but rubber duck is no longer in HK. My friend says he spotted it near the Vancouver airport a few weeks ago though, but no news yet about whether it’s actually going on display here…

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