Recipe Face-Off!

Recipe Face-Off: Walnut Brownies


Time for Eating Clean in the Dirty City’s second Recipe Face-Off! I first heard about black bean brownies when Rocco DiSpirito went on the show The Doctors to promote his book. I haven’t heard the best things about either him or his book, so I already knew it would unfair competition to use his recipe for this post.

But here’s someone I do trust: Joy the Baker. I decided to compare her Triple Chocolate Black Bean Brownies to my go-to classic brownie recipe from Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Big Girls Small Kitchen’s Brownies

Walnut BrowniesI love these. They are what brownies should be. Not too sweet, moist with a crackly top, and that teaspoon of espresso powder makes the flavor amazing.

Joy the Baker’s Triple Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

Triple Chocolate Black Bean BrowniesI under-cooked these a little so they look a little more moist in the photo than they should (although, no complaints from me!). I was a little surprised at how good these brownies were, though I really shouldn’t doubt Joy. If you didn’t know there were beans in them, you probably wouldn’t even notice that these aren’t regular brownies. I did taste the black beans, but I thought they gave the brownies a nice kick that complemented the chocolate.

Final Verdict

As good as the black bean brownies are, I still have to pick Big Girls Small Kitchen’s brownies as the winner. They are the perfect, classic brownie for me. But Joy’s black bean brownies weren’t far behind, taste-wise. If the recipe were a little healthier (there really weren’t too many beans involved) and tasted just as good, I could call it the winner. But given the minimal extra protein and fiber compared to the regular brownies, taste still trumps.

Have you ever made black bean brownies? How did you like them?


Mini Sweet Potato, Kale, and Egg Bake

I’m still learning the art of recipe adapting and substituting. To encourage people to start cooking, I always like reminding people how awful at cooking I was just two years ago, how far I’ve come, and how much more I need to learn. You learn from doing, messing up, and improving. You will get better at it. Trust me.

Running to the Kitchen is currently one of my favorite cooking blogs. I like that her stuff is healthy, not fussy, and tasty. And she’s a runner, holla. Her recipe for Kale and Feta Egg Bake has been my ultimate go-to recipe for a healthy, easy, and AMAZINGLY scrumptious dinner the past couple of months. (Go make it….now.) Last week Gina posted a recipe for Sweet Potato and Kale Bites that I thought I’d try.

I tried making it with a normal muffin tin as I don’t have a mini muffin tin, which the recipe calls for. I learned that I had to double the baking time, but still I’m not so sure if I got it right. Maybe a normal sized muffin tin is just too big to hold a clump of sweet potato together. (Suggestions, anyone?) But I topped a couple of them with eggs and baked them additional 10 minutes and the egg topped ones held together much better than the rest! Maybe the whites helped bind it all together.

Not the most mind-blowing thing I’ve ever made but tasty nonetheless. It’s a wonderful blend of flavors and I love dipping forkfuls of the sweet potato in runny egg yolk. It’s a super nutritious, easy to make breakfast. Until I get a mini muffin tin, I will be making these again and try tweak these mini egg bakes to perfection!